It’s that time of year again. Christmas is upon us & that means Work Christmas Parties.


With December starting this weekend, companies large and small are organising different parties to round out the year and look towards the new. Many of them will go with the same boring events like dinner at a local restaurant, [] and []. This year, however, some enterprising staff have searched for something new, fun & team focused to do. They have turned to activities like go-karting, bowling, and laser tag. Awesome.


There’s just one problem. All these events are based in permanent locations & often follow a strict timetable.


This is why many businesses have turned to Battlefield LIVE rentals. The kit is simple to use, you don’t pay per ticket, its indoor or outdoor, and can be used day or night.


Have a work party with a difference – book DIY laser tag on 1300 666 559.