It’s that time of year again. There is a birthday party to plan, and fast!

So you are thinking about hosting a Laser Tag party. Great – but now you have realised just how many options there are in your local area. And you are on a timeline.

Lets talk deadlines, I know, this is a party – who wants deadlines? But think about it, you want a hassle-free, epic birthday party. This means getting an idea on who far ahead you want to enquire and book.

Laser Tag at a Location

Are you thinking of coming to a local battlefield? Playing in a fully dedicated Laser Tag field, with professional and experienced staff who run the games? Well, if you are in Brisbane, you will want to call Laser Skirmish. There are four locations around Brisbane. You’ll want to enquire here a couple weeks in advance, just to make sure the location you want has availability & what time your session will start.

In a hurry? Need to book the party last minute? You can call Laser Skirmish by Wednesday and book into one of their sessions for that weekend! (The earlier the better, of course, to guarantee your ticket. Bookings are essential!). Laser Skirmish’s website:

Laser Tag at Home

Maybe you are looking for an awesome party at your house. We have you covered! We hire DIY Laser Tag Australia-Wide.

Looking for a perfect kids’ party? Laser Tag in a Box is the place you want to go. With a 4.5 stars on Google Reviews, you don’t want to go passed this option. With taggers specifically designed for kids the party works to your schedule. Play indoors or outdoors, day or night.

In South East Queensland? You can book in Laser Tag in a Box up until a week in advance (subject to availability) but recommend you enquire a few weeks to get the perfect pack.

Elsewhere in Aus? Easy, you will want to contact Laser Tag in a Box two-four weeks ahead. Book online here:

So what about the teens, they love to game as well.

Here is where Battlefield LIVE comes in. The teenage years are full of big birthdays 13th, 16th & 18th. You will want to book in with a similar time frame to Laser Tag in a Box. Picking up? Book online. Or give us a call on 1300 666 559.

This has been Hunter,

Over [and out]