Player Roles

Each Battlefield LIVE mission requires different play styles. Here are some examples of how a team might be composed.

Battle Royale (Teams)


Inexperienced gamers often walk down tracks or fail to use cover effectively; these are perfect targets for snipers. A well hidden gamer can take down several enemies before being spotted. Sometimes it is enough to take a few hit points off the enemy gamers, ensuring you don’t give away your position, and letting your team mates do the same further down the track.
The key is for the sniper to remain undetected yet be positioned such that they have a good view of the battlefield. As a sniper you can be a super effective member of your squad, but you’ll take a risk. Because you’ll be positioned away from the rest of your team, when an enemy squad spots you they can take you down fast – and you’ll have no back up!


In Battle Royale, the key to surviving is staying hidden, but the key to victory is locating the enemy and destroying them. This means you will want to scout for the enemy, especially in the first few minutes. Spread out, but don’t move so far away that you can’t see your squad mates. When you locate the enemy, don’t run in, alert your squad and rush the team together.



One of the most important play styles in Domination is the stormer. These gamers are charged with storming the objective, getting into close quarters, and blasting the opposition. These brave souls are the key to any victory, especially in missions such as Domination. When the mission starts, stormers rush the position and take the objective, thus securing the first few points.


Normally working in pairs, sweepers lay down a lot of fire, allowing their squad to advance. They will want to find cover several metres behind their stormers. Partially this is to ensure the stormers have cover fire while running, but it’s also important for them to watch out for flanking units. The sweeper’s are the eyes and ears of the squad.

Team Death Match & Battle Royale (Solo)

With these two missions, the standard tactics apply. With the Team Death Match and Battle Royale (Solo), it’s all about keeping hidden and killing as many players as possible. Team Death Match still requires team work but no set roles. Consider working in pairs for this, this way you have a squad mate to back you up if you encounter the enemy.

In Battle Royale, you are on your own so it’s important that you’re not spotted. One mistake inexperienced gamers make is that they find a hiding spot too far from the Battle Royale Box. This is fantastic in the early game because you’re far from the enemy however, within a minute or two they are outside the safezone. This means they will have to move from their hiding spot. Players in this position are easy pickings. A good plan is to find cover, preferably on all sides (like a large bush), and stay hidden. Fire only every so often so you don’t reveal your position or waste ammunition. Very quickly, players will be forced towards you and you will be able to kill them, as they will likely already be weakened.