The Basics


The most basic skill of Battlefield LIVE is aiming.

You’ll need to aim at one of three sensors: two on the head, one of the barrel. Aim anywhere else – and you’ll miss. Even if you can see the gamer’s head or part of the gun, you should hold fire until you can actually see the sensor.

Remember that shooting gives away your position and wastes ammunition so you really only want to shoot in most cases when your confident of making a hit.

The exception to this is where you are trying to lay down suppressive fire.

The scorpions have a red dot scope to help you aim. To achieve the best accuracy, aim the red dot 5 centimetres above the target’s sensor.

Each gaming gun emits a harmless infrared beam, just like a TV remote. The beam is focused so you will need to aim.

Remember, you have both a barrel (where the infrared beam is produced) and a scope (where your red dot is). You may be able to see through the scope, but your barrel might be blocked. If that’s the case – you won’t hit anyone! Be sure your barrel is clear of cover including any foliage. The beam will pass through anything you can see through, but it certainly won’t go through a wall.

“Of course in battle, fortune often favours the brave!” CO PLAN


Something that happens a lot in Battlefield LIVE action – dying! Typically players get 25 hit points at the start of each game. That might sound like a lot but you will loose, on average, 5 hit points every time you’re shot. When your hit points reach 0, you’re dead. In most missions, once you’re dead, you’ll need to head back to base to get a respawn. A medic box will give you a respawn all packs, except for the Battle Royale Pack, include 2 medic boxes (one for each team). When you’re dead, if you pull the trigger, your gaming gun will say “You’re Dead”.

Hiding and Using Cover

Hiding is very important. A skilled player never stays in the open for long, they are always ducking and weaving through nearby cover. To avoid being spotted never move more than ten paces in quick succession, the human eye locks onto movement and the longer you move the more likely they are to spot you!

In a forest terrain you can use trees, large bushes, or boulders as cover.

In a farmyard setting often has large hay-bails, small outbuildings, or long grasses to hide you from the enemy.

In a urban environment use corners of buildings, solid fences, and anything else you can find to stay alive.

When building your field, keep in mind that everyone needs cover. The minimum required is one hiding spot per player. If you need to boost your number of hiding spots, or fill in open areas, we have inflatables and camo nets.


You only have limited ammunition. In each magazine you will have 50 ammo point, every time you fire you will lose ammo points. Once you’ve used up a  magazine, you’d need to reload. Do this by pressing the red button on the left side of your gaming gun. To conserve your ammo, you can change your rate of fire to semi-automatic (single shot).

You have limited reloads. When you run out, your gaming gun will say “Ammunition Depleted”. Just head back to your medic box to restore all your ammunition.