The Basics

Laying Down Fire

You need to take into account that the sensors only take hits once every half second.
To do maximum damage, you will need to spread out and surround your targets. Bunching up will
mean your opponent will only need to holding down the trigger and shift their aim slightly to destroy
both you & your squad mate.
In an ambush you can deplete your ammo rapidly & will need to wait to reload. This can be disastrous
if your team isn’t ready to defend you & you don’t have any cover. Never attack the enemy without
If your opponents are bunched up, start shooting at the left most gamer and work your way across
over the course of a couple of seconds so that every target takes a hit. Then, swing your gaming gun
from right to left over the next couple of seconds to catch anyone that you missed the first time. And
Of course the enemy will duck behind cover as soon as they see you! When that happens you need to change plans and prepare to pin & flank.

“Inexperienced gamers bunch up & don’t stay in cover. They end up chewing through respawns.” CO HUNTER

Pin & Flank

One of the standard problems faced in combat games like Battlefield LIVE is how to effectively
destroy an enemy force that is behind cover. No matter how much you fire at the target, your rounds
will not penetrate the cover.
If you simply advance forward the enemy will pick you off as you try to cross open ground.
In this situation you have two viable options:
– Form a skirmish line and charge the position
– Or, pin & flank the enemy
This will require each member of your squad to work together as a team, and everyone will have a
different role.
You will need one or two players acting as the ‘sweeper’. These players lay down suppressive fire on
the enemy. Remember, you can run out of ammo and will need to wait several seconds before you’re
able to fire again. The sweepers should time their fire so that there is never a break.
This is not expected to do significant damage but it should force the enemy to keep their heads down
and therefore not be in a position to spot or at least effectively engage those forces doing the flanking.
The next you will want your squad leader to lead a flanking assault on the enemy. Choose a path with
the most cover and move around the enemy position to hit them from the side.
You will find that most cover in combat games is one directional and therefore if you shoot at the
enemy from two directions at once they will be exposed.

The pin and flank movement is often used when gamers are working in pairs. One player pins and the
other flanks, but can used with large formation moves as well.