– LIVE Gaming Tactics

Gamer Skill: Gamers are only as good as the skills. Understanding the ins and out of the mission, your weaponry, and your field is the key to success.

Understanding your Gaming Gun:

Every gaming gun has a red-dot scope. Using an optical illusion a red-dot will appear within your scope, to aim you must place the red-dot on one of the other player’s sensors. Each gaming gun has three sensors: two on the head and one near the barrel. You can be hit from any of these points – keep that in mind when taking cover.

Every gamer receives 5 hit points when they start up. Depending on the mission, you may have re-spawns but if not, you will have to keep hidden in order to not get shot! In addition to their 5 hit points each gamer has limited ammo (ammunition). They will have 50 rounds in your magazine. That might sound like a lot but in the mayhem of battle these will go fast. To reload click the left button on the gaming gun and wait 4 seconds. This simulates reloading a new magazine but just like in computer games you have limited ammo. With only 4 reloads available you’ll need to conserve your bullets.


  • Battle Royale
  • Team Death Match
  • Domination

Each mission has its own requirements to win. Find our more about each under “Missions”.

Using the Field:

If you do come under fire, you probably should be seeking cover. The best cover is often vertically oriented objects such as trees or walls. The bigger the tree trunk, the more angles it cuts off, and therefore, better cover. Anything that blocks light in Battlefield LIVE counts as cover.

Once the enemy knows where you are, you should try to move as soon as you’re not pinned; sometimes you have to be brave. You never want to be where the enemy expects or knows you to be. Often retreating and approaching the enemy from another direction works well.


“The best way not to be hit, in Battlefield LIVE, is not to be seen!” said CO Zev-va

If you move carefully and are constantly looking around and listening, you can often spot the enemy before they spot you. When moving, stop every few paces to look and listen.

The human eye is attracted to movement, so if you stop and hide before the enemy has spotted you, they will typically not see you. Looking around, including behind you, is a good skill to attain.

New gamers tend to look at the ground in front of them or look forward to where they expect the enemy to be. The enemy however is often not where you expect.

Keep looking and listening all the time and stay alert!