Oh February. February is that special time of year when new students are exploring their new university. A university where they will spend the next few years of their life! There is a lot to learn and a lot of choices to be made. As anticipation builds excitement is the vibe for Orientation Week.


Students and staff want to celebrate this new beginning and look for ways to make O-Week fun. The mid-week or the Wednesday of O-week is often the market day. It is the zenith of the welcome activities with club performances and food for sale.


Many innovative Universities have taken the next step and introduced their students to the campus with a bang, or this case, a blast! This is especially popular with University that have residential colleges where students live on campus.


Battlefield LIVE rentals have helped universities all over Australia like University of Queensland, UNSW, Federation University Gippsland, Deakin University and Monash University to run awesome O-week events.


For example, we’ve been booked by the University of Southern Queensland for a Faculty versus Faculty. The most memorable match was the Engineers versus the Beauty School, shall we say “Beauty vs the Geek”.


Likewise, organisers from University of Queensland, at International House UQ have booked us three times.





Battlefield LIVE is a new interactive activity which is perfect to get students excited about starting Uni. Battlefield LIVE offers do it yourself live action role-play gaming for teens and young adults. As e-sports and video games gain in popularity so has the live action version!


Live gaming is easy to set up and run. With turn-key operation, intuitive technology, and gaming options for every event, Battlefield LIVE is perfect for O-Week. 


To find out how your University can book an O-week rental call us on 1300 666 559.