– Heist Mission

Get ready for this classic mission. You’ve got a limited amount of time to steal cash!

This is perfect for corporate groups and work x-mas parties!

There is a job for every personality. You can head to the centre and pick up money from the Money Drop. Or you can choose to sneak around to the enemy’s vault & steal cash directly from the other team. Or, if you kill a gamer carrying cash, you steal half of it!

This is a high stakes heist – winner takes all!








How does it work?

You’ve seen the movies, you’ve played the games, now – Live ’em!

The Heist mission is based on the epic adventures seen in movies & games. It’s a race against the clock to steal as much cash as possible. And its not just your team in for the loot!

How does it work? Each team has a vault and in the centre is a Money Drop (or “Bank”). You’re job is to collect as much money as possible over the game, but remember unless you get the cash back to your base (and vault) it will all be for nothing.

Gamers have a limited amount of Hit Points (HP), when they are shot they loose HP. If they run out of HP, they “die”. They go back to their team’s vault to get a respawn, then they are back in the game.

Mission Map

Packs with this Mission