– Domination Game

This is an awesome game. Just like LIVE Call of Duty.

The objective of the Domination Game is to control the objective point (as represented by the Domination Box) in the battlefield area.

There is usually one Domination Box placed in a centre room or a central part of the battlefield.

If you have a big group and want to amp-up your game-play then play with three Domination Boxes scattered around the map, and are usually found in key strategic locations.

To capture a control point, a gamer must shoot the Domination Box their gaming gun will issue a SFX indicated they have owned the box.

The Domination Box will also flash red or blue depending on which clan the gamer is from.


Mission Specs:

Spawns: Unlimited

Mission Time: 15mins (Timer can be Set)

No. of Battle Boxes: Three

Step 1: Choose your Pack

In this Mission Pack
2 Medic Boxes
1 Domination Box
1-Point Domination
In this Mission Pack
2 Medic Boxes
3 Domination Boxes
3-Point Domination