– Death Match Live-Play

This is a classic team challenge.
It is the red team (alpha) versus the blue team (bravo).

This mission pack is flexible and fun. Rent this package and play the simple Team Death Match or invent your own games.

Each team has their own video briefing:

  • Bravo
  • Delta

What’s in the Pack?

Master Controller. The master controller makes running the missions easy. The key feature of the controller is that you can start & end games as you need. You can even set up a timer where the controller will end the games for you.

Gaming Guns. Exactly what it says on the tin. Let the games begin with packs of 6, 10 or more. These machines have sixteen hours of battery life because we know there is never enough gaming.

Medic Boxes. Gamers have a set about of hit points, when they die they come back to their team’s medic box to get a respawn. The medic boxes come preset to teams & are colour coded (red & blue).

Spare Device. Every Battlefield LIVE pack comes with a spare, this is in case one of the items breaks or goes flat.

How does it work?

The medic boxes. These go on either end of wherever you are playing. Turn these on before before kicking off the mission.

The medic box will count how many times it respawns gamers, at the end of the game, check the scores on the box. The team with the lowest number wins!

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