– Electronic Capture the Flag

Taking an old classic and making it AWESOME.

We’ve pulled captured the flag into the 21st century.

Each team will have a Flag Box at their base. Gamers must rush in – or sneak up – and steal a flag from the box. Then they have to race all the way back to their own Flag Box. Doing this, they score a point. Flag after flag can be captured – which means everyone can be a hero.

This game guarantees lots of action!







What’s in the Pack?

In your pack you will have at least two battle boxes. These can be set up to work as flag boxes (super simple – all instructions will be in your pack).

Then you place one on either end of wherever you are playing.

Gamers have a limited amount of Hit Points (HP), when they are shot they loose HP. If they run out of HP, they “die”. They go back to their team’s flag box to get a respawn, then they are back in the game.

In Capture the Flag you can choose to defend your team’s flag box, rush in and try and grab a flag, or sneak up and steal it without the other team noticing you! Do it all – you have the kit for the entire weekend (for day, if mid-week).

Mission Map

Packs with this Mission