– Battle Royale LIVE Game

Hugely popular in various video games, like Fortnite and PUBG, the “Battle Royale” survival-game can now be played in the real world.

Experience Battle Royale LIVE. A game inspired by the popular Fortnite game mode “Battle Royale”.

The Battle Royale Box creates a bubble, as the game progresses, the bubble gets smaller until the safe zone is only a couple metres wide.

These packs go out set to teams (red vs blue) but can be changed to no-teams (everyone against everyone).

Whichever way you play, the goal is the same: survive.

What’s in the box?

Master Controller. The master controller makes running the missions easy. The key feature of the controller is that it comes pre-set with a 6 minute timer. Once the mission is completed, just pull the trigger on the “Start” screen to start up a new round. Please note, the master controller is not included in 6 packs.

Gaming Guns. Exactly what it says on the tin. Let the games begin with packs of 6, 10 or more. These machines have sixteen hours of battery life because we know there is never enough gaming.

Battle Royale Box. The Battle Royale Box is the main item on this list. It comes fully set, just turn it on with the key & the game is on.

Spare Device. Every Battlefield LIVE pack comes with a spare, this is in case one of the items breaks or goes flat.

How does it work?

The Battle Royale box is placed on high ground in the center of the battlefield. One thing to keep in mind when planning your event is where the gamers are going to play. Battle Royale is requires lots of hiding spots. Dense forest (like those at nature reserves, large parks and forested property) or dense “urban” terrain (lots of outbuildings, hay bails, camo nets) etc.

No respawns are provided in this format. You will have 80 hit points, when you run out – you’re dead.

Initially the battlefield is quite large, with the safe zone set to 160 meters across, but as the game progresses the field shrinks. Anyone outside the circle will receive 2 warnings as a sound effect that they are in the danger zone. After that they will take radiation damage every 15 seconds!

Scoring is simple, it is seeing which gamers are still alive. Gamers will be on teams, if the team has a survivor at the 6 minute mark the entire team wins.

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