3 Point Domination

For Large Groups

When you have over 30 players at once – 3 Point Domination is the perfect mission. It has all the fun & team work of a Domination game but allows the players to focus on more than one goal.

This mission pack is fantastic for youth groups & corporate events.

Give us a Call to Book

For large packages (over 20) give us a call on 1300 666 559. We can give you a quote including any extras you’d like to book.

How does it work?

Imagine yourself at your squad’s base camp. The enemy is just over the ridge or passed some buildings. Now, in a standard domination mission, you have one target: the domination box in the centre.

However in this mission, you have three objectives. Three Points (like a point on a map) can be captured. Your squad most secure at least two before the mission concludes.

Fight together to achieve victory – only by using team work can your squad emerge victorious.

3 Point Domination Map