You’ve Seen the Movies, You’ve Played the Games.


Here at Battlefield LIVE we have brought your favourite computer games to life. This isn’t your parent’s laser tag. No dark foggy maze required. No “pew-pew” plastic taggers. Forget what you know – this is modern laser tag.

Battle Royale LIVE

Made popular by Fortnite & PUBG – we have brought Battle Royale to your backyard. Using radio our system will create a “Bubble”. Just like the Storm in Fortnite, if you are outside the Bubble then you take damage!

It’s a battle for survival! Will you be the last gamer standing?




Domination LIVE

This one is an absolute classic for a reason. Get your squad together for this intense mission. Non-stop action guaranteed.

In this mission, a central box marks the objective. When you shoot the box – your team captures it. All you have to do is hold the position for as long as possible after that. But! It’s not that easy. The other team will take to capture the box as well.

Will your squad hold the objective for the longest?

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Battlefield LIVE is your ticket to a Epic Battle Royale Birthday

We have used modern technology to bring online gaming mechanics to life. Forget Gel Blasters - this is the coolest thing out there!
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