– Glossary of Terms in Battlefield LIVE

Activity – Here at Battlefield LIVE we class ourselves as an outdoor activity, this is combat entertainment! Her do something that is fun and played outside, get some fresh air, get active, and even loose some weight. Throw away your treadmills or pouding the miles out on the street, come run round the battlefield and get your heart pumping, whilst having fun!

Advance to Contact – The advance is an offensive operation designed to establish or maintain contact with the enemy. Advance to contact is conducted to gain or re-establish contact with the enemy. The emphasis is on wide reconnaissance with the main force uncommitted but ready for action. It is characterized by rapid movement along multiple axes, decentralized control, and a capacity for rapid deployment.

A.I. – Stands for Artificial Intelligence, this is where the computer acts out an opposition role or role in a computer game. This is applicable in Domination Games.

AKA – Stands for “Also Known As” in Battlefield LIVE all gamers have a nickname or codename. This is a name they choose for themselves and is used to identify themselves over the two-way radio or online in our gaming forums. For example since there might be two or three Peters on the battlefield at the one time; Peter aka ‘Plan’.

Ambush – An ambush is a surprise attack, by a force lying in wait, upon a moving or temporarily halted enemy.

Ammo limits – The amount of ammo is limited for each player, team, base, or game. This is dependent on the type of weapon the player selects at the beginning of the mission.

AO – short for “Area of Operation”. For live gaming purposes the AO is the area within the defined battlefield boundaries.

Assault – The climax of an attack; closing with the enemy in close quarter fighting.

Avatar – an Avatar is a nick-name which represents the person in the game

BA – Bolt Action Mode – con3 in the classic system or bolt action rifle

Battlefield LIVE – A live combat simulation game. It is played using Battlefield Sports’ gaming guns (and often also with Battlefield Sports’ urban inflatables.)

Battlefield Sports – Creator of the new phenomenon of live gaming, manufacturer of gaming guns and hero inflatables.

Briefing – This is the words to read to the gamers to brief them on the Live Play. Often there is a separate briefing for each team and maybe additional briefings at the beginning of each phase or briefings for individual characters.

Chain of Command – The succession of commanding officers from a superior to a subordinate through which command is exercised.

Citations – An award or recognition for feats performed during a game of Battlefield Live. Usually awarded to Veterans.

Basic Games Handbook – the handbook is a description of the most popular live gaming Live-Plays.

Counter-Attack – Attack by a part or all of a defending force against an enemy attacking force, for such specific purposes as regaining ground lost or cutting off or destroying enemy advance units, and with the general objective of denying to the enemy the attainment of his purpose.

Covering Fire – Fire used during the attack and counterattack to protect assaulting troops when they are within range of enemy direct fire weapons.

Defend – To employ or deploy combat capability to prevent, resist, repel, or destroy an enemy attack before it can active its objective.

Enlistment Officer – The person who registers gamers to each session, ie the person who is on “the game” (the person who takes the money.) Also known as the “Rego Officer”.

Exertainment – The blending of entertainment and exercise. It is the name that we’ve given to the game or sport of playing Battlefield Live™.

FA – Fully Automatic allowed fire mode. Gamers can also use semiautomatic fire.

FA only – Means fully automatic only, semi automatic not allowed

First Person Shooter – a genre of computer game which gives the player the perspective of the soldier within a combat scenario. Often shortened to FPS.

Game – is a specific instance of playing a Live-Play. So a game is when a Live-Play is played at specific location, at a specific time with a specific group of gamers.

Gaming Guns – A “model” gun that shoots infrared light to simulate bullets. Models vary from compact Sub Machine Guns to long range Sniper Rifles.

Hold – To maintain or retain possession of an objective, by force. For example, a position or an area, in an attack to exert sufficient pressure to prevent movement of enemy forces.

Infrared – A type of light which is invisible and harmless.

Intel – An abbreviation for intelligence, especially for military or business; information.

LARP – short for “Live Action Role Play,” a LARP is a more sophisticated game where the gamers move through a series of scenes and interact with actors in each scene. Actors play various roles throughout the game based on the script. Actors must follow the script and the Live-Play CO directions and where appropriate costumes.

Laser Tag – Battlefield LIVE is a special style of Laser Tag. This brand of laser tag is played outside, Battlefield LIVE is a whole new ball game where your experience is shaped by your Live Plays and your “bomb proof” Battlefield Sports Gaming Guns.

Live Gaming – A new breed of games, a cross between sport and active entertainment, like a live computer game.

Live-Play – A Live-Play is a combination of theme and plot usually with specific mission objectives for the teams involved. A typical Live-Play includes victory conditions, suitable terrain, length of game, hit points, re-spawns and sometimes special rules and weapons.

Live-Play CO – short for “Live-Play Commanding Officer”, or simply “C.O.” this is the staff member in charge of session who directs both the gamers and the junior staff. The CO generally decides what game will be run.

LMG – short for “light machine gun”, generally air cooled machine guns that can be carried and utilized at the squad level by infantry. LMG’s are usually bipod mounted. LMG’s are prone to overheating and therefore cannot sustain continuous fire for extended periods.

LZ – short for “Landing Zone”. It generally means a location where a helicopter could land safely. This means reasonable flat terrain clearly of hazards such as trees and buildings.

Material – All items (including gaming guns, props, accessories) necessary to equip, operate, maintain and support milsim activities.

Medics – Referees (or C.O.s) who respawn dead players.

Milsim – Short for “military simulation.” Also known as a “combat sim.” It is a game with live action role-playing elements & a military theme. The mission objectives of each team often interfere with each other, creating a war game. Battlefield LIVE missions often include elements from online or video games.

Mission Briefing : A summary of the objectives and scenario in the game given to the players. In advanced missions each team may received different briefings.

Mission C.O. – C. O. stands for Commanding Officer, (also just C.O.) this is the person in charge of running the game.

Mission Objective – is what a team goal is for the game being played. Also know as Live-Play Objective.

Objective Area – This is the area of the battlefield that one or more teams need to secure in order to win the game. An objective area could be the area surrounding a flag, typically a 5 meter radius, but could be a ridge line, section of road, road junction, room or building or bridge.

Outdoor Activity – Battlefield LIVE falls into the catagory of an Outdoor Activity. Outdoor activities are great for all the family to get out there in the fresh air and spend some quality time together. Outdoor activities usually mean activities done in nature away from civilization, such as hill walking, trekking, canoeing, puning, kayaking, rafting, climbing, caving, and arguably broader groups such as water sports and snow sports. Other similar activities include photography, biking, kayaking or just spending time with family. Outdoor activities may be pursued for the purposes of enjoying scenery and nature, relieving stress, finding peace in nature, enjoying life and relaxing. They are alternatives to expensive forms of tourism. Outdoor activities are also frequently used as a medium in education and teambuilding.

Phase – More complex Live-Plays are often broken down into different steps called phases. They are called a phase, as ideally one phase will merge with the next so the boundaries between each phase can be quite blurred as far as the gamers are concerned.

Reconnaissance – A mission undertaken to obtain, by visual observation or other detection methods, information about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy or to secure data concerning the characteristics of a particular area.

Reinforcements – Is a new unit of troops arriving to support that force in the battle. Generally this means that the team receiving reinforcements can receive additional re-spawns.

Replacements – A replacement is the process of referees re-starting dead gamers and sending them back into the battle in a live state. They represent new soldiers entering the battle typically drawing on reserve elements. This term can be used interchangeably with re-spawns. The term replacement is a more military/historical war gaming term while re-spawns is a computer game term. The percentage is used to make the Live-Play scalable for different numbers of gamers. If you have 10 gamers on a team and they have 150% replacements, then the team can take up to 15 replacements (10 x 150%), typically from their starting point, during the battle.

Re-spawn – this term can be used interchangeably with “replacement”. See “Replacements”

Respawn limits – The number of times a player can return to the game after being “killed.”

Role Playing Games (or RPG) – This is where a group of people each pretend to be a character in a story. Often it is a group of friends sitting around a table, taking turns to say what their character would do next as the plot unfolds. The most famous RPG is Dungeons & Dragons. More recently RPGs have been played online.

RTO – Radio Telephone Operator.

SA – Semi Automatic only – configuration 2 with the classic system, but with the semi auto button pushed after boot. Some weapons in the SATR system only worked in semi automatic fire, that is one shot per trigger pull but does load the next round into the chamber automatically.

Session – A session is a series of games for largely the same group of gamers at the same venue between specific times.

SF – Special Forces.

Veterans – Gamers who have played Battlefield LIVE more than 20 times.

Victory Conditions – Is what a team needs to achieve to win the game.

Victory Points – In some Live-Plays the gamers gain or lose points called victory points that are used to determine the winning team.