– Hello Recruit, Welcome to Battlefield LIVE

Battlefield LIVE is an authentic combat entertainment experience using sophisticated gaming guns.

Battlefield LIVE is a realistic simulation, taking your favourite games and turning them LIVE. You can experience this for yourself. We have several missions – or Live-Plays – to choose from.

Each mission has a different objective. Most work in squads but one variation is a Free for All style Battle Royale.

With our patented gaming system “SATR” you get live hit-feedback & real-time stats. Our kit can be used anywhere: indoors or outdoors, day or night, around buildings or in the woods.

Battlefield LIVE’s sophisticated technology means our Live Plays can be played in small groups or scaled up to 300 people at once.

Get ready for the game of a lifetime!

What is it?

Choosing a Mission

Teen Parties

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