Think entertainment. Think challenge. Think team-building.

Rent some live gaming equipment and run some live video games at your workplace. We can tailor a package to suit your corporate goals. We can create a corporate event for you to engage your customers and build your brand.

Our combat games are designed to get your crew functioning as a cohesive team. Inclusive yet challenging. To achieve your team’s mission objectives staff need to focus on communication, leadership, and problem-solving. Our scenarios allow your crew to achieve specific goals by working as a team. Our aim is to keep your workers engaged and motivated.

Potential Scope

A standard mission length is 15 minutes but these can be shortened or lengthened depending on the day’s objectives.

The activity tests communication, strategy and team work. Gamers can play at their own agility level either walking stealthily or testing their agility and speed.

Live Plays like Team Death Match and Domination give each gamer a role to play which is an important part of corporate incentive programs, leadership workshops, management development, in promoting team spirit and organisational success.

Battlefield LIVE programs are portable and can travel anywhere – the beach, ballrooms, snow fields or wilderness areas. Quick and easy set-up favors tight schedules.

Why Battlefield LIVE?

With Battlefield LIVE you can:

  • Reward your team for achieving a milestone or having a successful year/quarter/month or simply launch a new year
  • Boost morale
  • Focus the team on new product launches, marketing campaigns, or change incentives
  • Develop an “esprit de corps” a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group.
  • Inspire a “Carpe Deim” / “Seize the Day” attitude.
  • Unite disparate teams, promote teamwork between divisions, even entire organizations.
  • Challenge your team to work together effectively and creatively.

Team Victories

Get your team working together with something that’s fun & interactive. Our Domination mission is perfect for team building because everyone has a different role to play, and each one is as important as the others.

Laser Tag Hire Popular Teen Party - Domination Mission
Easy to organise, quick administration process, streamlined pickup system. Good quality products and kit, in a well organised package. Fun for all. Pack up and return, with no fuss.

Leda Ferguson
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Build Team Camaraderie

There’s a position for every personality. Race in to the centre to grab as much cash as possible. Sneak around to steal from the enemy base. Or defend your team’s battle box. Our Heist mission is perfect for team bonding because the team’s strategy is key to winning the game.

Everything ran smoothly from the enquiry through the site with a prompt reply back to me, everything being organised and ready for collection the day before my hire with a great explanation of how to use the products.
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Team Bonding Pack

  • 20 Game at Once
  • Run Domination & Heist
  • Entire Day’s Rental
  • Supply Crate Upgrade

Ultimate Pack

  • 20 Game at Once
  • Run Domination & Heist
  • Entire Day’s Rental
  • Supply Crate Upgrade
  • Inflatable Field

Staffed Event (SEQ Only)

  • 20 Game at Once
  • We run the missions
  • 3 hour session
  • Camouflage Clothing Hire
  • Inflatable Field
  • Option of longer missions with each player getting a “character” to play