Battlefield LIVE Armory

Scorpion SMG

All packages have scorpions as standard. These are white (called “ghost”), grey, red, blue, or black. To tell the teams you wear coloured headbands.

Battle Box

The Battle Box is the physical item. In our workshop we set this up so it functions as a mission box such as a Domination box or Battle Royale Box.

Master Controller

Use this item to time games, pause the units, and adjust settings such as volume. One of these is included in every pack.

The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box – Our software has over a hundred “emulations” – pre-configured weapons. When you activate the mission box you will be upgraded (or downgraded) to a random emulation. You could get a machine gun (with a 200 round magazine) or a machete (with a range of only 2 metres!). Try your luck with this box!

The Perk Box

The Perk Box – reach a strategic position and gain an upgrade with the Perk Box. You will be upgraded with a random perk including Steady Aim, Stomping Power (one shot kill), and Last Stand.

Bandolier! You now have double the number of ammunition reloads.
Body Armor! You have gained an additional 2 points of damage resistance against all attacks
Last Stand! With your last breath,you can keep fighting with a colt M-1911 automatically loading pistol.
Crack Shot! Your range has been increased.
Protection! You can’t be hit for the next 5 seconds.
Fast Reload! You reload time is halved.
Steady Aim! Simulated recoil through the scope is disabled (reddot does not disappear when firing).
Stealth! Your weapon has no muzzle flash and has a sound suppressor.
Stopping Power! One shot kill!
Super Mag! Your magazine capacity has doubled.
Scavenger! Every kill you make restores your reloads back to full.