An Awesome 21st Birthday is a Click Away

Your 21st might be gearing up to be big or small, but one thing we’re sure on is that it needs to be AWESOME.

We’ve made set up easy so you get in more partying. This package is great for transforming your backyard or local park into a battlefield.

But not just that, the mission – Domination – will bring all the action you need to your party. Will your squad dominate?

There will be epic fire-fights, laughs among your mates, and a lot to talk about with your friends at the end.


The great thing about renting is you don’t pay per person. You have the equipment all day/all weekend which means the mums, dads, and siblings can all join in for a game or two.
You might choose to test your luck, dodging enemy fire, and get a mystery weapon emulation from the mystery box. This box will give us a random weapon emulation from our list of 200+. You might get something awesome like a machine gun, or something terrible like a machete. It’s up to you, will you take the risk?
Build your own inflatable field with camo nets to create your own Battle Royale “island”. The more spaces to take cover on the field, the better. These inflatables come with a electronic air blower. It only takes 5 minutes to inflate one.
The perk box will always give you an upgrade – these perks range from super handy to absolutely awesome. We’ve got useful upgrades like “steady aim” where your red dot never disappears while shooting. Or some great ones like “stomping power” which is one shot kill. Be warned, if you dead you lose your perk.
Experience the classic Domination mission LIVE. The box is pre-set so all you need to do is turn it on. Get your squad together & win the day.
If you’re having a Battlefield party, camo decor is the most important part of your party! We have included four camo table cloths in this pack.
“We have used you twice before and always had an awesome time. It is so very easy to book. The guns are delivered to you and picked up. Best.Party.Ever!!!”
Liz Mitchell
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