Recently we rented one of our awesome packs for a 21st Birthday Party, here’s how it went.

The birthday girl, Zabrynn, wanted something cool to do for her 21st . With friends and family coming she needed something everyone could enjoy. A self confessed nerd, Zabrynn loves gaming – especially fantasy games. So she decided to book a Battlefield LIVE rental.

Because she’s a staff member, Zabrynn knew Battlefield LIVE did fantasy games as well. So she booked in a special pack with crossbows instead of the standard Scorpions.

Due to our turn-key technology, set up was quick & easy.

“It was super easy to get the games going; I could join in and play against my friends every round,” Zabrynn said. “Friends and family helped make the day awesome.”

The Battlefield LIVE system has a timer, which means once you kick off the game everything will pause (or “Game Over”) when the timer is up. All the organiser needs to do is kick off the next game with the “Start” command on the controller (included).

“It was a big hit with my friends – most had never played laser tag before, let alone fantasy laser tag. Fantastic!”